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With Reborn Water, Reborn into healthier body.

Reborn Water

“Infuse life into the body”

Reborn Water is alkalescence mineral water in the ionic state stable inside the body. Reborn water is the special seaweed natural ineral water designed to deliver minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium that cannot be taken easily through modern people’s dietary habit.


Calcium (Ca)



Magnesium (Mg)



Potassium (K)



Sodium (Na)


For Water Purifier

300L ~ 500L

The water purification filter is exclusively designed to improve problematic water such as the water from old water purification system and so on. It is an efficient filter capable of purifying the water coming into the house into cleaner and safer water. Small in size, it maximizes the efficient use of space inside the house and turns the water into the mineral water with excellent taste and nutrition.

For Kitchen

1,500L ~ 2,500L / (Under the Sink)

The filter for kitchen (under the sink) turns the water supplied through the kitchen faucet, which is in the central position for the management of food materials, the most important spot at home and commercial areas, into cleaner and safer water. It purifies problematic water such as the water from old water purification system and so on through exclusive filter to retain the unique nutrition and taste of food materials while improving modern people’s health.

For Bathroom

4,000L ~ 5,000L / (Water Softener)

The filter for bathroom use (water softener) is an exclusive filter capable of improving the problematic water such as the water from old water purification system and water with other issues. The water from which the residual chlorine is removed through sediment filter and seaweed mineral filter minimizes the irritation to skin and prevents problems that can be caused by the use of unclean and impure water such as skin trouble, psoriasis, atopy, and xerosis as much as possible.


Natural seaweed mineral alkaline water absolrbed quikly

Alkaline water is smaller than normal water, si it can be absorbed quicliy into the body
In particular, nutrients such as calcium and magnesium and minerals that improve acidified constitution.
The benefits to our body are quickly absorbed by the body.

Anyone install directly

Self-filter replacement is possible.

Electric zero

No power supply and noiseless water purifier.

Dirext water method without the need of a water tank

You can drink fresh water witout worrying about bacteria and water.

Safe without visiting

Easy to order without the burdensome outside visit.
You can replaced in time.

Save water purifier rental cost and management cost

You just need to replace the filter without water purifier rental fee.

Installation diagram