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Water Story

Experience the New Water that the body recognizes first
Cleaner with reborn water filter
Tastier with natural mineral water
Healthier with seaweeds

Story 01


  • Body is 70% water.
  • Water inside body is blood and bodily fluids.
  • Water inside body protects cell nucleus.
  • Water inside body activates cell.

Story 02


What is Mineral? Mineral is inorganic nutrient mineral

Mineral is not synthesized inside the body but can be obtained from the ingestion of nutrients from outside.

Effectiveness of Mineral

- Alleviation of symptoms such as fatigue, headache, nystagmus, muscle spasm, dry mouth, dizziness, etc.
- Antiaging, prevention of diabetes

Story 03



Prevents Anemia - Contains four times more iron than spinach
Alleviates Hypertension and Stress - Rich in calcium and potassium, relieves hypertension and stress
Promotes Bone Health, Prevents Osteoporosis - 15 times more calcium than milk, helps teeth and bone health
Good for Diet, Prevents Constipation - Rich in dietary fiber, prevents and improves constipation
Prevents Particulate Matters and Heavy Metals - Discharges particulate matters and heavy metal inside the body


Prevention of Thyroid Disease - Contains a large amount of iodine and prevents thyroid disease
Controls Cholesterol and Blood Pressure - Alginic acid with outstanding effect on cholesterol and blood pressure
Prevents Constiptation - The dietary fiber of alginic acid accelerates intestinal movement
Prevents Colon Cancer - Absorbes carcinogen, discharges omentum without stimulation
Prevents hair loss and osteoporosis, prevents diabetes by lowering blood sugar level

Story 04